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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Once upon a time I kept a blog. I wrote on a regular basis, shared my projects, recipes, posted menu plans, showed pictures of my fiber adventures. It's been a long time.

I'm hoping to open up the blog again. It would be nice to have my menu plans posted again, to show you what I've been doing with my knitting (and crocheting, and maybe sewing), and to have a place to write about my faith and thoughts. I hope there will be people to read it.

I won't try to recap last year except to say that I had an expensive "rest" in the hospital for a month, shortly after my last post, and a preemie. We were blessed that Rich was able to stay with me in the hospital the whole time, he worked part time from the hospital with his phone and iPad and next day air for some documents. The rest of our children were able to stay at home, together, with some friends of ours who moved in with their family for the entire time we were gone. Modern technology permitted us to still talk to our children at night and see each other, we did Morning Prayer together some mornings, they were able to see their baby sister. We were so thankful for that.

Our baby is doing fine now, but she's still tiny. Nejat was born last May, and much of our year has been taken up in keeping her in, keeping her safe and well, adjusting to a homeschooling life with a small child who requires much more attention and care.

Here is Nejat wearing Amira's American Girl Doll dress next to Amira in the matching one. The photo adjacent shows the doll in the same dress.

There is much to say about that, but this is not the time. Mostly I think that I will know that all is alright when I stop taking pictures to show scale. This last shot is from her baptism on the weekend of All Saints.

I made that bonnet while trying to hold her in at the hospital

Much more knitting and crocheting was finished last year than I have been able to do since we moved. That is a good sign, I think. Part of that was how much time I had, uninterrupted, in the hospital while on modified bed rest, part of that was that I was forced to take the full 40 days of rest after Nejat was born, part is that I feel settled enough here to work on creative projects. I'm on Ravelry, and have posted some new designs there (and some pdfs of my free patterns I've posted on my blogs, too): Arabian Knits Designs. I finished 27 knit or crocheted objects last year! I'm currently working on a design for a submission to another book. I hope to have good news on that score in the near future.

I have so much to write and share, and I hope I am able to exercise that discipline of regular writing again.

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Welcome back from Australia. I was thinking about you only yesterday and wondering if it was family problems keeping you occupied. She is beautiful and hasn't her big sister grown in your time away. She looks very grown up.

Take your time. family comes first for me every time.
I hope you come back and write more. I just found your blog and how interesting that you just wrote after such a hiatus!
Glad to see you back, Ranee!
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