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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Menu Plan: March 25 - March 31

It seems we don't have anything but busy weeks. In any case, this was another one. Elijah turned 10 today and Rich drove our big van around as the party van full of boys to take them to Taco Time with cake, ice cream and presents. They seemed to have a great time. His birthday is almost always during Lent, but it is also always (almost, if it falls during Holy Week or on the Paschal feast, those take precedence) a feast day.

This week will also be busy, but for different reasons. We have visitors coming every week for a month beginning this Thursday. It will be fun. And full. Then, next week is Holy Week, and we will be rather busy with church as well. I cannot believe we are almost all the way through Lent. It does not seem like so much time has passed and I'm not sure how successful I've been in keeping a holy Lent this year. If anything, it seems to have brought to the surface all that needs work.What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up on Saturday.

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