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Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan: February 26 - March 3

So, I learned a lesson last night. I woke up at about 1:00 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep, so I thought I'd get a start on my menu plan. I keep a draft with meal ideas and recipes to try, and had organized it for Lent with some ideas for Sundays as well. Well, I was in my warm bed, so I pulled out my handy iPod (AKA Handipod) to edit it, and accidentally erased more than I intended to and could find no way to undo it. So, now I'm trying to recreate the list and links. Does anyone know how to undo on an iPod? I spent the rest of the evening/morning reading up on the English monarchy.

In any case, this week has a couple repeats, as we were able to take a last minute trip to the west side and get a retreat (which is why I didn't really get to any menu planning until this morning). Rich had a couple meetings on that side of the mountains and we turned it into a weekend trip for all of us. This week, being our first full week of Lent, we are not eating any meat except for Sunday, though we're still eating fish, eggs and dairy. Since Wednesdays and Fridays are always meatless, we are eating no fish, eggs or dairy on those days during Lent. This is our first year of trying to observe a more traditional Lenten fast - we've been easing into it over the past several years.What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up on Saturday.

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I have no experience with iPods. Hopefully someone will give you some tips at undoing deleted information.

Sounds like you had a terrific weekend. It's nice to have those spur of the moments.

You have a wonderful and delicious week.
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