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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finished Objects!

I finished two projects while we were on our travels in August. I'm just now getting to posting photos of them.

The first was a reusable coffee (or tea or cocoa) cup sleeve. The cup I photographed with it is insulated, so does not need a sleeve, and clashes with the yarn. It fit, though. I didn't have any paper cups lying around the house.

The second project I finished on our trip was a vintage inspired baby cloche for a friend's daughter. I was getting ready to mail it to her when the plague hit our house, so I am going to wash it this coming week and mail it after all the bugs have left our home.

I based it loosely on this pattern from Looking Glass Knits and used up all the rest of the molasses color, most of the red color and more of the avocado color from my $30 yarn purchase to make the $15 apple hat. I have now made four finished objects from that yarn, making the cost for each approximately $7.50, so Mariam's apple hat is now half the price of that snooty baby shop's. And made of alpaca instead of cotton. And I have more of the red and avocado to make some felted fruit or another baby hat. And just think of the hours of pleasure I had knitting.

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