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Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: March 11

1. Jerome and Yasmina insisted on giving up something for Lent. All day Wednesday, Yasmina was telling us that her bunny is for Lent. For all we know, she thinks Lent is a person.

2. Aside from that bit of humor, our children really seem to be learning what Lent is about and how and why we observe the fasting/abstinence and penance. I'm so glad that Rich teaches them these things, too, he is so obedient to the Church's teachings, even though the fasting rules are hardest on him sometimes.

3. I finished what I'm calling my Grapes Scarf for a friend. It's a super secret surprise, though, so I won't say for whom it was made.

I'll get a picture up with it on someone soon.

4. We didn't go to the pancake supper at church this week, but, instead, had our own doughnut feast as we used to do. We thought it would be fun and important to keep some of those traditions, even though we don't have our church family with whom to share it here.

5. However, I tried a new yeast risen doughnut recipe that I found on the web. With pictures. I think she forgot to halve the ingredients. All but the flour. So, I added flour. And added flour. And added flour. Then Rich added some. We ended up with so much dough that I put our regular batch of doughnuts in the freezer without frying it. We'll save those for Bright Week. Instead of two kinds of potato doughnuts, we had one, plus the pear fritters. We have 39 left in the freezer. Yum!

6. We had quite the adventure trying to get to church for the Ash Wednesday service this week. Rich had a meeting that ran late, so I had to pack everyone up to go pick him up from work to go straight to church from there. About two minutes from his work, I realized I'd left the oven on and we'd have to go back. When we turned on our street, the van started to act like it was out of gas, even though it was nearly full, and stopped running. Needless to say, we missed the service.

7. We were thankful, though, that we did have to go back home to turn off that oven, because otherwise, the van might have stopped on the highway. Please be praying that the problems are fixed soon. Fortunately, we have a warranty that will pay for the repairs, we only pay a $60 diagnostic fee, and just this Sunday, we were given the name of a good and reliable repair shop near by our church. Thank God for allowing me to leave the oven on so we'd be home when the van died! I never leave ovens on when we leave. Ever. I also never thought I'd be thankful for that.

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