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Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: The Easiest Headband in the World

The older children and I have been making a lot of presents recently, so Jerome and Yasmina wanted to make something, too. They got little scraps of the fleece from the nine (!) neck warmers I made (I'll post photos and a link later) and said they were going to make headbands for Mariam. This seemed overly simplistic to me.

However, since they can't tie, sew, and glue didn't seem to be the right medium, they brought them to me to make. I didn't want to tell them that it wouldn't work, so I just tied the strips together. I thought they looked idiotic, but it made the little people happy. Well, Yasmina promptly put hers on, even though it was supposed to be for Mariam, and it looked alright. The one Jerome "made" was put on Mariam as soon as she awoke from nap, and it looked kind of cute.

So, here's how you make this: Find leftover scraps of fleece. Make a square knot with the ends. The end. If your scraps are too short, you can tie two together. If you have no scraps, you can cut one inch strips to the length you need and tie the ends in a square knot. It's that easy. It's kind of embarrassing to even tell people how to make this. I just thought it turned out kind of cute for a throw together, just satisfy the children craft.

Oh, I even made a little fabric bracelet out of one of the strips that was too short which is now play jewelry for Yasmina.

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Pretty darn sweet, and you have a beautiful baby <3
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