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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished Objects: Picot Edge Socks, Stem Down Apple Hat

I have finished two things in the past three weeks. While we were on our trip, I finished the picot edge socks for Yasmina. I actually finished one, started the other, realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish both, so unraveled the toe of the first and used the leftover yarn from Mariam's jacket and hat for the toes on these socks.

Here is the first sock all in the Koigu yarn.

Here is the finished pair on Yasmina's feet. There is another view of it in my FO list in the sidebar.

Here is Mariam in her apple hat. The color is much deeper than either this or the sidebar link shows. It is a darker, true red. I love this yarn, it is Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight baby alpaca in red, avocado and molasses.

I'm writing out the pattern for this hat, and will make it available if people are interested.

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