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Monday, September 27, 2010

No Menus

I'm taking a break from my menus for a couple weeks. I will try to post other things in the interim. Like the fact that I am knitting again!

After working on Mariam's jacket and hat and finishing the knit/sewn dress, I kind of got the bug again and am making more of an effort to make time for it. It helps that I'm not nearly as exhausted as I was before and that there is some little progress being made on the house so it doesn't require as much attention as it has (though still a ton).

Anyway, I cast on for some of these socks for the Yasmina and Amira. I'm using fingering weight yarn, rather than sport weight, so I changed the number of sts and modified the heel a little. We are doing a kind of rose quartz color for one pair and a rosy/raspberry color for the other pair.

Alexander and Dominic have renewed their interest in learning to knit, so I may be teaching them on some of these fall and winter days.

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