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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One Thing Only

We went on a trip back "home" this past weekend. As all our trips back have been, it was rather a whirlwind tour. We were able to do a lot and see quite a few people, but there wasn't much time to rest or breathe. Because we don't care about the Super Bowl, we timed our departure to match the start of the game, so we might avoid traffic. This worked pretty well for us and we were able to arrive home early enough to have dinner in our own home.

We just received the meat from our steer last week, so Rich used some of the ground beef to make incredible cheeseburgers for us. As we sat down to pray, Jerome spoke up and said that he could only do the Lord's Prayer. We assured him that if he was only ever able to pray one prayer, that would be the one to do.

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Kids say the cutest things!

Too bad you were away last weekend, we were going to drop by your homestead on our way to pick up some rabbits. As you can see on our blog, we got 'em. I voted to name them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

- Big Daddy Andy
We were so sorry to miss your family, too! I saw the pictures and the hutches - looks good.
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