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Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday: November 20

1. I think the children are sick of all the plums. I received this poem from Dominic last night (punctuation and spelling errors included for your reading pleasure):

Plums Make Me Glum

Why are you glum just take a plum
Oh no that's why i'm glum we had
them with diner, we had them with
lunch! We had them with breakfast,
we had them with brunch!

It was one of a series of three poems he wrote, but it is my favorite one. I love homeschooling. They were never exposed to this much poetry in school, and never tried to write their own poems before they had a regular pattern of reading, listening to, memorizing and reciting poetry.

2. I had my first ballet class in 17 16 years this week! Amira's ballet teacher teaches a class for adults and it is free to moms with girls in class. I held my own pretty well and am not as sore as I thought I would be. I'm so excited to be dancing again.

3. We had a rather long road trip this past week. On the way back home, we were driving at night. Alexander and Dominic asked if they could have their lights on to read. Jerome wanted his light on, too. He can't reach it, we couldn't reach it while driving, Alexander couldn't reach it without taking off his seat belt, so the answer was no. Yasmina began crying because she was tired and unhappy about being in her seat. Jerome said "Yasmina is mad because my light is off."

4. In another entry for the randomizer competition, he also began singing "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Apple Sauce!"

5. We are reading the third Mysterious Benedict Society book and I am really hoping it isn't the last in the series. This has been such a fun set of books. The first book had some weaknesses in the writing, but overall, we've been pleased with them. They are fun for all of our children and Rich and I enjoy solving the mysteries along with the book. Although these books center on exceptional children, there isn't the whole we're surrounded by idiots and all grown ups are useless thing that was in the Lemony Snicket series, nor the non-consequence from our deceit and breaking the rules that was sometimes in the Harry Potter series, nor the lying is just a-okay that was part of the Eragon books. The writing isn't as good as Harry Potter, but it is still an incredibly engaging story.

6. Thanksgiving is coming! I have a post up with our menu and links to recipes. I will be adding other recipes a little each day over the next week. One of the things we are most thankful for this year is my out-laws 40th wedding anniversary. We are all rejoicing with them as they renew their wedding vows this weekend.

7. Don't forget my book drawing! Because of our road trip, I still haven't finished up my book review, but it's coming! You have until midnight Pacific time to enter for the drawing.

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I love that poem.
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