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Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday: November 13 *Giveaway!!!*

1. This card (and its entire genre) cracked me up. You're going through something tough? Well, suck it up! The juxtaposition of smarmy, caring card and cope as a theme just tickled me.

2. I saw The Pursuit of Happyness on a flight home from visiting my cousin a couple years ago. I didn't have my headsets in, but it looked interesting enough to watch for real when I got home. I did. I enjoyed it. Here is a little blurb about the actual man.

3. It's time for a second Bean Week next week. I normally have my menu plan up by Sunday night, but we have a family obligation that may cause me to have it up by Monday instead. I will still try to have it, and the Mr. Linky, ready before then, but I only promise it will be up by Monday night.

4. I intended to have my book review up more than two weeks ago. I don't have it up yet. So, I will host a giveaway for it first and try to get my review post up this week. If you like knit lit, enjoyed The Friday Night Knitting Club and would be interested in receiving an early copy of the uncorrected manuscript of Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs, please leave me a comment saying so with a way to contact you. I will randomly draw a winner by next Friday.

5. I will have more time than normal to knit this weekend, which is very exciting to me. I'm hoping to have a finished object in the next two weeks. Which I think would be my first knit object of the year and only my second crafted anything this year. Very sad.

6. Advent is coming soon and I am not positive of where our wreath and candles are. I'm even less positive about where the creche is. Or where I will set it up. We are still dealing with nonsense with the house and haven't closed or done the finishing on the floor that we want to have done. Pray, pray, pray. Please.

7. Another prayer request for everyone. As we suspected, things are going downhill for our former airport. It is very bad. Please pray that the folks there are able to get through this and those who are causing the problems will be removed.

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I haven't read the knitting book you mentioned, but I'd love to have a copy of anything to do with knitting for Denise as a gift.

Will be praying for your home and the airport.

I have not read the knitting book either but I have a friend who enjoyed it. I would love to read this:) You can reach me at tanyapoohbear at gmail dot com
Hope you find your advent wreath.
I love knit-lit! I think you have my email address or you can FB me if for some bizarre reason I win the book. BTW almost every day is bean night or bean afternoon at my house. One of my kids is a bean fanatic!
I hope this doesn't mean any airplanes will be crashing on my house... :)

You can't say this in the spirit humility, but I can:

isn't this just like our entire culture? Boot the Godly Christians in our own self-interest to fulfill our fearful backbiting, and... surprise! It all goes to He... in a handbasket.

Makes perfect sense to me.

(Brian says I'm becoming curmudgeonly. Maybe you should move back and save me. We'll start a commune. :) ) ciao kim
Hi Ranee -

Held that book in my hand at Target the other day, but decided on frugality instead! I'd still love to read it - for the obvious reasons - LOL. Glad to see that you are getting a little knitting time in - good for you! :o)
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