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Friday, October 30, 2009

Four Great Giveaways

I entered four really good giveaways this week. I am sharing them with you so you have a chance and so I can have additional entries. These are things we'd really like, but if I win the dehydrator, don't tell Rich, because it will be a St. Nicholas present for him.

The first is for stainless steel food storage. We've been trying to get away from plastics with BPA in them and using more stainless steel and glass anyway.

The second is for handmade jewelry. Yes, I am a sucker for pretty, sparkly things.

The third is for 5 gallons of beef tallow. Can you say french fries? Yummy!

The fourth is the big surprise. Don't tell Rich! It is for an Excalibur dehydrator! Woo hoo! This would make our lives so much nicer!

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I just splurged on an excalibur dehydrator...I'm delighted with it.
I hope you win. Send me the link so I can help you increase your chances...
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