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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Year

Alexander turned 11 today. He was born to us so long ago, though it seems like it was only a minute since he was crawling around. He is our oldest, our most responsible, our most cautious. It is easy to expect to much of him because he is all of those. He is growing up, though and soon will be a man. He is nearly my height and I expect he'll be shaving in a couple years.

11 Exceptional Things About Alexander

1. He is handsome.

2. He is caring.

3. He is gentle with his siblings.

4. He helps without too much complaint.

5. He is a voracious reader.

6. He has a sense of humor that actually makes sense now.

7. He is growing into a responsible and capable young man.

8. He has a knowledge of birds that is impressive in someone of his age.

9. He is equally able to converse with small children and adults.

10. He is able to behave collectedly even in the face of great distress (I'll share the story of the snake in our house later).

11. He is able to play without video games, televisions or character driven toys.

Happy birthday Alexander!

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Happy Birthday! I loved the 11 things list for the 11th birthday, great idea ;)
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