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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apricot Season

It is actually pretty close to the end of apricot season here, but because our tree hasn't been pruned or taken care of in several years, the fruit was later than the fruit of our neighbors and farmers around here. So, we are still gorging ourselves on apricots at just about every meal.

We would have gotten larger fruit had the tree been cared for properly, but we are happy with our abundance and windfall nonetheless.

We do have internets at home now, though we are still so busy with house projects I probably won't be able to post much for a little while longer. I'll try to get some more photos of the property and our projects up soon.

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Glad to see you posting again!
Glad to have you (almost) back, Ranee!
Glad you have internet now, I check back almost everyday. What a wonderful tree. All that fruit looks delicious. Can't wait to see pictures of your property.
Apricot jam/butter/chutney is the most delicious in the world. Mixed with raspberry or orange zest, it is still wonderful.
Gloria, that sounds heavenly! We have plans to sun dry some as well. We might as well use the sun to our benefit.

I won't be getting much (if any)canning done this year, sadly. Getting the house in order, literally, has taken up most of our energy, then school starts up in September again.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me back as well.
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