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Monday, July 06, 2009

Hard to Say Goodbye

Not to the blog, but to the friends we have had here for almost 10 years. I know it isn't a forever goodbye, but it is still hard having to say goodbye every time I see someone. We have three more days in our house. It looks like they are going to leave it derelict and eventually tear it down. It may only be a house, but it was our home for six years and eight months. It has been a place where we could welcome many others, it has been a haven, a blessing. This house welcomed three of our children, has been the only home in memory to four of them and has shaped how we have grown and see the world.

How many other children have grown up with nearly 19 acres to run around in, watching planes take off and land, all while raising some portion of their own food? I'd wager that the number is small, perhaps only six. It makes me sad to watch it empty out, to see all that we have put into it be taken down.

Rich's replacement at the airport is someone who has no experience in aviation or with airports. We would have understood a little more had they replaced him with someone of equal ability, but from their staff, or if they had found someone who was much more qualified. Instead, they are ruining this place already, and it hasn't even been in their charge yet. It is sad for Rich to watch all that he and the management company that had responsibility here worked for be destroyed by petty politicians who are more worried about their control than what is good for the facility.

Please continue to pray for us. Especially for Rich, who is watching nearly 10 years of his effort and work be undone by people who are ignorant, foolish and just don't care.

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Blessings to you and your family, it's hard, but hearts do heal. <3
Good Bye and God Speed. Hope to stay in touch and maybe actually meet now that we will both be in the same area...
Rich, join the club! Bad things happen to good people, but God is in control, and he has something better for you and your family. I pray for patience, myself. With all those chillin's you must have a bountiful supply already!...grin.

- Big Daddy Andy
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