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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Couple Funny Things

I still can't remember what Jerome said that day that was so funny, but I have a couple other stories for you.

The first is recent. The airport restaurant held a party for Rich and our family as a going away/send off type thing. It was wonderful, and I only almost cried once. As it was winding down, Jerome, who had spent as much time as he could behind the bar probably playing with the spray nozzles, was crawling under the table where he had been eating with his brothers and sisters. I looked over and saw him pick up what looked like a grape and put it in his mouth. You remember how we have gone over this before? Well, he evidently did not.

I told him it was yucky and to take it out of his mouth being careful to remind him that we don't just eat things off the floor, especially in public places. So, what did he do? He chewed really fast, then opened his mouth and pretended to try to look for what might be in his mouth.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to our friends with whom we had been talking, who asked what he had done. I said, "Oh, he picked up a grape from the floor and ate it."

Jerome looked up and in his little almost three year old voice said "It was an olive."

He is shaping up to be our funniest child so far. Rich and I think it is because he is so verbal and yet still has the mind of a two to three year old. People are always shocked at how young he is because of how clearly he enunciates and his vocabulary. He can articulate more than most children his age, but he still just says whatever is on his mind. Amira was close in how verbal she was, though it almost always ended up getting her in trouble (like announcing proudly to her brother at the lunch table at age two that she was disobeying).

Anyway, this other story is from a couple weeks ago. I needed to get good photos to illustrate it, though.

We were all in the house in the morning during a break from school. We heard a crack and crash. We all figured it was a tree down. It happens. However, after I called Rich to tell him about it, Alexander told me that a tree fell on a phone line. Well, this made it slightly more urgent. So, I'm calling Rich and telling him it fell on a telephone line, but I can't find it. He tells me he'll be down as soon as he can and I continue looking for this line down.

I asked the children where it fell and they tell me to look at the tree in front of me with the ivy on it.

You know. The one tree with ivy on it. So, they tell me that it is behind that tree with ivy on it. The madrona tree.

THE madrona. We're short of them around here.

Much like we are short on trees with ivy on them.

This is the view down the hill right next to where they were telling me the tree had fallen.

As we move around the house toward the front.

And here, from the front southeast corner of the house.

So, you can see how easy it was to find the newly fallen tree. Then, since I could see the phone line and it didn't seem to be down anywhere I asked when and where Alexander saw it. He didn't. He heard me telling his dad that the connection on the phone was bad, so he assumed it was because of a phone line, since it seemed to coincide with the tree falling. Both Rich and I were on our cell phones.

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Hahahahahahah! Kids!
I love looking at life from their perspective.
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