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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrived, But Not Settled

We are safely across the mountains, we have all of our things here, we are living at the farm house, but there are tons of things to do. We don't have internet set up at home yet, so posting will be sparse.

In the meantime, we are ripping out original 1970s carpet which looks like Muppets were slaughtered and skinned and laid out across the floors. There is hard wood underneath, so the plan is to sand and seal.

We will get pictures up as soon as we can. The place needs a lot of work, but has great structure and bones. We've already met some neighbors and are going to a neighborhood potluck on Sunday after church. It is hard living out of boxes and suit cases, but we are glad to be here.

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Oh Bless you! I can *see* everything that's going on over there, I've been there myself. This will be our 16th move, not counting two stints of living with his parents, then my Dad on two seperate occasions.
Once you get settled, you will find happiness again.
I had a very tender moment one afternoon, that assured me the Lord was aware of the pain of our many moves, and His had was guiding the affairs.
Take time to rest and laugh, this too shall pass.
I am glad that you made it there safe. I look forward to your posts.
I can't wait to see the pictures! Your new place sounds so cool, especially for the kids. Owning is a wonderful thing. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family beyond measure as you start this new phase of your life.
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