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Monday, June 29, 2009

No Menu Plan This Week

You my have noticed that I posted even less than usual this week. Well, Monday afternoon, Rich received the call about our first choice of a job. So, we went in to high gear on packing, house searching and getting ready to go. We spent this weekend in our new town visiting houses and trying to find a place to live.

Between the moving and the fixing up the new house, it will be a while before I can post a whole lot. I'll try to check in at least a little bit.

It looks like we've found a house. The size of the property is a bit smaller than we were interested in at first, but it is surrounded by a farm field that is owned by the same person selling and the family is willing to sell more acreage to us in a few years.

The house needs a lot of work, but the structure is good. It will take a lot of time and effort on our part, though, to make the insides what we want and need. There is room for our chickens already a small pasture that is fenced, but needs to have weeds cut down and burned and soil turned over and reseeded before we could put sheep or anything else out on it. The owners are farmers who have owned the property in their family for years, they are nice people, they are Christian, they are willing to work with our family. So much so, that they are willing to let us move in before the sale is through on a month to month lease until all the paperwork and money is taken care of for the purchase. We still need to do a building/property inspection and do all the back and forth that goes with this before we can own it, but barring any really bad news about the property or problems in timing with the loan, we should own it within four months.

Both Rich and I feel good about this, even though we were both skeptical about the property when the realtor told us about it. We both have a little bit of trepidation about the whole process of buying and the responsibility that comes with that, as we've either rented or had a house connected with Rich's job (which was kind of the best of both worlds, we didn't get equity, but we didn't have to pay for repairs or pay the mortgage/rent either). Fortunately, we have a little nest egg of money to put into a house and Rich has a VA loan available to him for his service.

Please be praying for the whole situation that it would go smoothly and well for all parties. We are excited and nervous to be moving into this house. Pray for us as we are still sorting, tossing, packing and cleaning. Pray also for the family that has been living in this home we are considering. There are some serious spiritual and familial problems in their home. The couple has three children, the younger two who are still very sweet, the oldest who is in a lot of trouble. All of them are being affected by the problems in the parents. It was heartbreaking to see the children, we left with much concern for their children as well as them.

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thanks for reminding me, in the midst of your own busy time, to have mercy and pray for others. Sometimes I underestimate the power and necessity of prayer...Kim
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