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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Four Funny Facts

About two weeks ago, Jerome was exhausted and needed a nap, so I sent him to his room with his blankie and a book. He told me he wasn't tired. He didn't need a quiet time. When I went to change Yasmina's diaper (the diaper closet is across the hall from Jerome's room), this is what I found. He was not tired at all!

A few weeks ago, on the way to church, Jerome pointed to a plane in the sky and cried, "It's just an airplane!" We finally figured out that it was because every time he had called our attention to a plane in the sky before, he would call it a jet and Rich would say, "No, son, that's just an airplane."

Recently, he was looking through one of his older brothers' books about creepy crawly things. He was pointing to each of the pictures and telling us what each thing was:

"That is a ladybug. That is a ant. That is a spider. That is a that."

We died laughing.

About three weeks ago, we were at one of Alexander's baseball games. It ended just around lunch time, so we brought sodas and pizza for the children and we ate at the baseball fields. The children were mostly finished. Yasmina was definitely finished. So, we were trying to hurry them along. We told them that they were either to finish their sodas right away or toss them. Elijah looked at us earnestly and said that he wasn't going to finish his, because he knew what it would do to him. We asked him what it would do. He replied:

"It would make me drunk!"

After we stopped laughing, we told him that it was only a soda, so he need not fear, but that we were glad that temperance was of such importance to him.

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Tee-hee very funny! My personal favorite is the airplane one - what a funny story!
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