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Sunday, April 26, 2009

25 Songs Contest Winner

Okay folks. I only had three entries in my song contest. I will have to publicize my contests better in the future. Or listen to music more people know. But, there is a winner! Celeste identified 11 songs, eight of those were correct. Two were almost right, one which was the correct artist, but not the right name of the song (though I knew what she meant) and one which was the correct band, but not the correct song. One had the wrong number, but it was close enough. Either way, she is definitely the winner. I tried to e-mail you Celeste, but the message bounced, please e-mail me using the link in the sidebar. I evidently listen to obscure and unknown music.

I did not pay much attention to the musician part because there are so many versions of these songs. So, only where there was one version of the song did I insist on the right artist.

1. Love makes me treat you the way that I do - Gee, Baby Ain't I Good to You (Susan Boyd)
2. She's leavin' and folks are feeling so low - The Gal from Joe's (Simone)
3. Everybody needs a little time away - Hard to Say I'm Sorry (Chicago)
4. I guess I thought you'd be here forever - Hard Habit to Break (Chicago)
5. Know, don't you wanna know, don't you wanna know - Who's That Man? (Xscape)
6. Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky - Stormy Weather (Etta James)
7. At last my love has come along - At Last (Ella Fitzgerald)
8. Well I was walking down a rutted road - Where You Been (Mark Alan)
9. Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa men have named you - Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole)
10. I hear you say your heart is aching - Let Us Pray (Stephen Curtis Chapman)
11. Pack up all my cares and woes - Bye Bye Blackbird (Joe Cocker)
12. When you feel the sunlight fade into the cold night - I Will Be Here for You (Michael W. Smith)
13. It's not the pale moon that excites me - All or Nothing at All (Harry James)
14. You say you want a revolution - Revolution #1 (Beatles)
15. I know a girl who was schooled in Manhattan - Seize the Day (Carolyn Arends)
16. Sometimes it's hard to be a woman - Stand by Your Man (Tammy Wynette)
17. When the sun is high in the afternoon sky - Wee Small Hours (Carly Simon)
18. Oh baby, do you know what that's worth - Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle)
19. I know you don't love me no more - I Know (Marisela)
20. So many people gonna say that they want you - In Love with a Girl (Gavin DeGraw)
21. Sexy Sadie, what have you done? - Sexy Sadie (Beatles)
22. I got chills, they're multiplying - You're the One that I Want (Grease Soundtrack - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John)
23. Your love is amazing, steady and unchanging - Hallelujah (Brenton Brown)
24. He's a real nowhere man - Nowhere Man (Beatles)
25. Mom and dad, I am fine, how are you? - Reality (Newsboys)


After reading the answers I can't believe some of the ones I missed. Since I can't run your music on here, I did not play, but just from the lyrics you posted i should have gotten more. I guess I am only tuned into the words when they are sung to the right tune!
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