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Saturday, March 07, 2009

More to Think on This Weekend

I don't have a lot to share today, but here are things that have made me think recently.

The Problem of Evil -- Whose? This (and the next article) from Anthony Esolen were particularly striking to me.

The Problem is Mine

This was about the problem of social networking sites like Facebook. Now, I have a facebook, and I am trying to moderate its use.

The Beauty of a Store List - This struck me particularly as we are so spoiled in our culture and do not realize how easy we have it, or how good. Something we tell our children is how we are fortunate to be able to have food preferences or dislikes. That we have the luxury of getting bored by certain foods, or having the same foods. Most people in the world eat pretty similar foods every day, and some people even are thrilled to have anything, same or not, at each meal.

A Friend of the Emperor - This is something else from the Conversion Diary, she has a way of clarifying some of the more complicated thoughts in scripture. Pontius Pilate, who wanted to wash his hands of the death of Jesus, is the one figure who is remembered each day, and has been continuously, since the crucifixion, in the creeds of the Church. There is not a day that passes in which a mass or daily office prayer is said that his name is not uttered "crucified for us under Pontius Pilate," this man who wanted to be forgotten for his part. There is probably not an hour that passes without his name being remembered. It is easy to identify him with modern politicians (Well, I personally oppose this, but...), it's not that hard to find him in any politician, but it is easy to forget to find him in ourselves.

Life on Death Row - Basically, you should just read the Conversion Diary is what I'm telling you. This is a great thing to remember as someone who converted.

Jessica's thoughts on Lent really struck a chord with me. The disciplines of the Church are there for our growth. I have a couple things to write about that, as well.

Russell Moore's editorial in the current Touchstone magazine has inspired a lot of thought in our household. He writes about the current political climate as well as the economic turmoil we are entering.

I hope you find something to think about in these.

Aw, thanks, Ranee!
When I left Seattle, and then later Berkeley, I left a lot of friends behind.

For me, the social networking sites are a good way of keeping a connection with these people.

I don't get twitter, though. It seems like that's just too much trivial information.
I have been keeping in touch with people from my/our past that way also. I just try not to live there, you know? I do not understand the appeal of Twitter. At. All.

I think Facebook is as far as it goes for me, and that can be, as I put it to Rich when he asked me about it, a way to interact with people without having to have a relationship. Twitter just seems like noise pollution. Are people really afraid of having thoughts that they have to crowd it out with chatter and sound and information all the time? I don't get it.
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