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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Amira's fifth birthday! I can't believe that our little girl went from that to this:

She will be getting a birthday milkshake at the restaurant from Miss Cathy, as a special treat. We will have a little party for her on Sunday, which is when we are going to have the presents and everything else. This gives me a little more time to finish her present. She is a beautiful girl, who is full of life and joy, and we are so glad we didn't stop at three children like we foolishly had planned.

5 Fabulous Features of Amira

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Tell her happy birthday:)
Wow! Is it the 10th already?! Happy Birthday Amira!
Happy Birthday to Amira! She is absolutely beautiful! I hope she has a wonderful day and enjoys the celebrations that are coming this weekend.
What a perfect day to have a birthday!! Happy Birthday to Amira from one March 10th-er to another :)
Your daughter is beautiful!
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