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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Picking Good Asparagus

This is an asparagus themed day here at Arabian Knits. Come one, come all for your asparagus needs.

Now that the first of the season's asparagus is starting to arrive, I'm going to let you in on a secret. Those thin, pretty asparagus spears that are supposed to be the best ones? Unless you pick them from your own asparagus patch, or buy them fresh picked that morning, they are not what you want. Why? Asparagus dries out from the outside in, so if you are buying asparagus that was trucked in, and it is thick, the outer edges might be dry, but the tips and the inside will still be nice, the thin ones, already dry. Now, if you have asparagus in your garden or buy it from a local farmer, or your grocery store gets theirs fresh picked daily, then you are free to eat all the baby, thin asparagus you like, but be wary of the overpriced, spindly asparagus in the supermarket, especially in fall and winter (when it's out of season and automatically overpriced anyway).

Juicy and crisp asparagus for the family? Works for me!

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Wow! Great tip! I love, love, love asparagus and am thrilled asparagus season is here. When we lived in a fertile little valley in western Colorado, you could take walks up and down the orchard roads and find asparagus free for the pickin. Oh, baby, good!
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