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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Keeping Track of Library Books

After many years of supporting our local library through fines, I decided I'd had enough. Although I use our computer to put books/CDs/DVDs on hold and renew them, there were frequently times that I'd forgotten to check and the next day (or week) would find out that it was overdue.

What we do now is to go to the library on a particular day of the week. The children know that it is our library day, so they have their requests ready. There are occasions when we go another time, but that, too, is a set make-up day, so to speak. I know to check the library website each week on the same day, see what needs to be returned, what can be renewed and what is on hold waiting for us.

The other thing we do around here is set aside a shelf specifically for library items. We don't always keep them there perfectly, but when have just brought home a new stack of things or we are straightening out a room, everyone in the house knows what and where the library shelf is and puts their things there. When we have to return something, or see if it is still in the house, we know where to look first.

Especially in our homeschooling family of avid readers, which makes use of the library a great deal, this helps us avoid fines and keep track of library items. Works for me!

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