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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Invisible Penguins

Jerome, other than vying for the title (I never mentioned here how two weeks later, he fell off a chair at our Friday study, trying to get down from the table and landed on his face again, tearing his lower lip from the lower front to the inside with his jagged chipped teeth) in the family head injury competition this year, is now challenging our randomizer.

Aside from his vegetable humor, he has given us a couple other gems recently.

New Year's Day, at breakfast, I asked Rich if we still had any pineapple in the refrigerator. I spelled it or encoded the message somehow, because I didn't want the whining to start (can I say that I strongly dislike the twos, and it is made worse by the fact that our two year olds are cute, and know it, and people refuse to believe that they misbehave) if there wasn't any. Rich said that there was, brought it out to me, then said something else I don't even remember, to which I responded that I was SHOCKED!

Jerome said: "I want shocked!"

A few months ago, Jerome started to learn that things didn't go well for him when he defied us and said NO! Being a bright little boy, he decided to change his tactics. While we were at his sister's ballet class for an observation day, he was fidgeting and fooling with his reflection in the mirror. I told him, quietly, to sit down. He replied, "Maybe not." I stared him down and told him "Maybe so." He sat. Alright, so that one doesn't really count in the randomizer department, but it's funny.

Tonight, though, he really started to catch up to his sister in the randomizer department. There are still little bits of their gingerbread houses left. I've been trying to get them to eat them, so they are gone, because I can't throw them away, they would know. No mother on earth has had as much trouble as I have trying to get her children to eat cookies and candies. Anyway, Jerome told us he had penguins in his yard. Penguins. That none of us could see.

That's right, we now have invisible penguins in our house. You read it here first.

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