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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Cravings

Between the pregnancy and the fasting of this past year, I still have a lot of food cravings that have been left unfulfilled, plus some new ones. Now that I'm not emptying my stomach every hour, I'm interested in them again.

Lumpia? Still hasn't happened. Kung Pao chicken? Nope. Also, our grocery store had the best potstickers in their deli, which were just perfect if you pan fried the bottoms in a little sesame oil. They don't carry them anymore. It seems I was one of two people who bought them, and I only bought them twice. So, you know, now I want potstickers all the time.

We're going to get hot pastrami sandwiches this next week, so I can cross that off my list. The sauerkraut for those will go nicely with the grilled beer bratwurst and onions I've been wanting. Since I get the sauerkraut and bratwurst at the same place, that will be awfully convenient. I'm also wanting to make some more beer battered onion rings. I make the best batter for onion rings. Which reminds me to post something about that later.

I've been telling Rich about all my food cravings, and the other night as I was getting into bed, I told Rich that I really wanted the cioppino from a particular market. Which he had been right by on his way home, but I forgot to mention so he didn't get it, and it was too far and too late to go get it. I was waxing rhapsodic over the cioppino and their garlic croutons which go with them. So, Rich wraps his arms around me and says if they weren't closed I could just get dressed and run to the store, which I laughed about, then told him that they were open 24 hours a day. And looked pleadingly at him.

He said that I wasn't sick or pregnant, and so he wasn't budging from bed. Then he told me not to try to get pregnant just so Rich he* would go get me some, because he was on to me and my mischievous plans.

*He did not speak in the third person about himself, I somehow left his name in here from my notes to remind me that he said this.

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