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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Children's Sandals & Swimsuits

Most people already know this, but in case you do not, hie thee to the local superstore or children's clothing store (or better, the websites, so they can send them to you!) of your choice to pick up inexpensive sandals and swimsuits for your children for next summer. I was able to buy sandals for Amira to last her almost until the second coming of the Lord last year, when Fred Meyer had the cheapie childrens' sandals on sale for $2.00 a pair. I picked up a number of sizes of boys' sandals also, though with the number of boys we have, and how rough boys are on them, they won't last quite as long, and I'll have to buy more this week for next year. I bought the nicer leather sandals for the children from Olive Juice Kids when they had their sale combo with free shipping and from The Children's Place Monster sale when I had an additional 15% off coupon.

Also, since our children are in swimming at the Y, we are able to swim more than just in the summer, but it makes their suits wear out. Just about every store in our area has huge markdowns on suits, and you can get them for under $5 in many places. We are stocking up.

Saving money on seasonal items works for me!

Oh, and here's another hint that we got from my BIL as a bonus. Free, just for today: Wash flip flops or plastic shoes or those foam sandals in the dishwasher to get the crud off of them.

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