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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Dainty Princess

Amira strikes again. After coming home from her first ballet lesson this year, she slammed her thumb in the car door while getting her ballet slippers out. Rather, while trying to get them out. Alexander was outside when she screamed, so he ran to open the door so her thumb could be freed. He also went to retrieve her slippers from the car. She had opened the front passenger door instead of their automatic sliding door which never would have trapped her finger, and which was the door she actually needed to get her dance shoes.

By a miracle of God, it looks like her thumb wasn't broken, though there was a lot of blood, bruising and swelling. She barely cried and didn't whine, but she was in so much pain. At the end of the evening she was feeling well enough to show us some of her lesson from the studio, so I don't think she's doing too badly. After cleaning the cut, putting neosporin on it and a bandage, I gave her some ibuprofen for the pain and an ice cube in the boo boo bear for the bruise and had her lie down in the living room to rest.

Please pray for our precious daughter. Maybe that she will stop hurting herself.

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We have a dainty princess as well! Our little M is a walking disaster who thankfully usually walks away with nary a scratch! Although Y can but just as bad and usually has more to show for his effort. Perhaps they are getting out of their system now so they will grow up full of grace and coordination. May Amira always be blessed with grace and beauty from within and without.

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