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Friday, September 12, 2008

Not to Be Outdone

Alexander came up with an answer worthy of the Randomizer herself. We have taken a little side trip to the Americas in our history studies, and were looking at the ancient civilizations (questionable term, what with the human sacrifice and all...) in Peru and Central America. I asked a question of the children to see how much they retained from our reading: What was the name of the people group who made the etchings in the ground that can be seen from the air?

Alexander answered: The Nazgul*

Yes, he has been reading the Lord of the Rings, why do you ask?

Incidentally, I am most pleased with the term First Peoples over the inaccurate Native American moniker and the even worse Indian title. First Peoples is a hippy dippy politically correct term, but for once I am in agreement. They were not in any way native. They came and settled from Asia. They are the first people to populate the area. I'm all for a movement to replace both previous terms with this one.

*the correct answer was the Nazca. If you search for Nazca Lines on the internets you will find all sorts of cool photos.

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