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Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: September 8


is where we spent the afternoon. We picked blueberries and played around in the sun. It was a lovely day, warm with a gorgeous summer blue sky. That picture wasn't taken by me, though. On one of the visits we made to the park last month, a lady whose acquaintance we made there took the photo and e-mailed it to me when she got home. It looked a lot like this today. We spent a little over an hour there today after church. Jerome mostly ate all the berries out of Rich's bucket, Amira held a bucket and put five berries in it, Alexander filled his about half way and the rest of us just ate merrily as we walked. We'll be making lemon blueberry pound cake this week.

By the time we got home, I was pretty tired and Yasmina needed some mama time, so Rich made pizza bagels and fruit for dinner. Our dinner that was supposed to be for tonight is moved to Monday now.

My grocery deal of the week was organic bananas at our local market. A box of them were up at the register, which is a signal that they are marked down. I asked how much they were and the fellow told me half off, checked the price and said $0.49 a pound. Then, he asked how many I wanted. I said I'd take the whole box, so he checked with his manager and said I could have the box for $4.00. There were at least 14 or 15 pounds in the box. So, we've been eating lovely just ripe organic bananas, and I may try another permutation of the chocolate banana swirl cake I made over a week ago.

If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can.
What is on your menu this week?

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