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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Late Farmer's Market Report

I never got around to posting this on Saturday. We were so busy over the weekend, but it was with family time, so it was pleasant. Saturday afternoon we took a nice, long walk together as a family and visited with some friends, a couple who recently celebrated 60 years of marriage, who came over with a baby gift for Yasmina. After church on Sunday, we went to Blueberry Park and picked berries and walked about the park just enjoying the sunny weather.

First thing Saturday morning, though, I did the marketing while Rich made breakfast for all of us. I headed to our local produce stand, where I bought a seeded watermelon for $0.15 a pound, a 27 pound box of pears for $14.95 and picked up Yakima tomatoes for $0.99 a pound. Next stop was the Farmer's Market, we still have a bit over a month before it closes for the year.

I wasn't looking for a whole lot this week, mostly I went to get lip balm from the bee lady, but I picked up a couple heirloom tomatoes and a jalapeno cheddar bread.

Rich said it was the last time we'd buy it, because now we could just make it. Stay tuned for my version of it to hit the blog soon. It was a very tasty bread, and looked simple, bread dough spiked with red pepper flakes, placed in a round cake pan with pickled jalapeno slices on top and covered thickly with cheddar cheese, then baked.

It was off to the feed store from there, then to our grocery store for the weekly shopping and our local market for a few other things we needed. Pretty productive morning - I was home before 10:00, and we were able to have breakfast and morning prayer together before our walk.

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Thanks for contributing to the Farmer's Market Report for last week. It was a bit quiet, but this week is picking up some steam already. Hope you'll submit again!
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