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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Good Yarn

I know, knitting content, it's too exciting!

Friday night, Yasmina and I trekked to Port Orchard to attend the grand opening party for A Good Yarn. Four of my friends are owners/managers of this business, and I received a little invitation card to go celebrate with them. What fun!

I came with plans to buy anyway, just to support their endeavor, but I was able to pick up some yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed) I've been wanting for over a year for a sweater in Interweave Knits, and a hank of hand dyed gorgeous silk lace yarn. I still have no idea of what I want to do with it except for look at it.

There was champagne, sparkling water, orange juice to make mimosas, there were sandwiches, cookies, chocolates, cheese and crackers, and yarn! It was a fast day, and all the sandwiches were meat, so I enjoyed the cheese and crackers and took some chocolate home to share with Rich when we weren't fasting. Also, I bought the yarn.

One of the designers noticed Yasmina in her hand knit sweater and made a comment about how cute she was, and how hard it was to find baby models for her baby patterns. I pretended not to notice what she said, and commiserated with her on her difficulty.

Debbie surprised me by mentioning me by name in her thanks, which was sweet. I was sitting at a table nursing Yasmina, so nobody could really see me, but it was a nice thing for her to mention me anyway. We met because nine years ago Rich taught her husband to fly and helped him to get his instrument rating. They took us out for a nice dinner on our anniversary as a thank you, we got to visit their home several times, talk shop (yarn for us ladies, planes for the fellows) and just got to know them in general. Debbie and I went out to lunch and yarn shopping a few times, she is a sweet lady. They even came to eat at our house when we still lived in the ghetto here.

The shop was lovely, and the people who own it and work there are great people. You should go there and buy lots of yarn.

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THE Debbie?? I have read everyone of her books have all of her patternbooks, she is truly an inspiration to me and how lucky for you to get to know her!!! I am so happy for you and her new endeavors!
Yes, THE Debbie. She is very nice and sweet. She and her husband both are down to earth, generous people. We are privileged to count them as friends.
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