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Friday, September 05, 2008

Finished Object Friday: Lime Shortbread Filled with Blackberry Lime Jam

Yum! I made these Monday when we had the deacon over for dinner. A hot cup of coffee and two (or three) of these, made a very nice dessert. The cookie recipe needs a little tweaking to make it more suitable for rolling out and cutting the shapes. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart for the cookies, only flattening the dough into a disc and rolling it out to use my cookie cutters.

It got soft really fast, so the dough was a pain to work with. I think I would increase the sugar in the dough and skip the dusting with powdered sugar in the future, to begin with, so you can see the shapes a little better.

These were the best examples out of the batch.

I filled them with my homemade blackberry lime jam. They tasted divine. They were a lot of work for 18 cookie sandwiches and one little cookie left over.

If you have one or more finished items this week, please sign Mr. Linky below and share all you have made. Your Finished Object(s) can be knit, crocheted, sewn, quilted, tatted, beaded, papercraft, woodwork or any other kind of craft. Show off what you have made! Please make sure you link to the exact post that shows your finished item(s) rather than just to your blog.

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I'll vouch for how good they were.

Excellent cookies.
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