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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Adventures in Groceries

Last week we made one of our twice a month trips to Farmer George's. Elijah and Jerome were asleep in the car, and Dominic wanted to stay in the car reading, so Alexander, Amira, Yasmina and I went in to get our two week's worth of meat. One of these days, we are finally going to go for it and buy a whole pig and a whole steer and just fill our freezers with them. We'd still buy lamb, veal, poultry and seafood, but it would make our yearly purchases of meat much lower even than they are now.

Anyway, this is The Pig:

Please do not judge me on the way their clothes match. They chose them.

It used to be that all of our children fit on the pig, but between the growing size of our family and the growing size of our children, only about four of them can fit. Tightly. With Amira or Jerome on the snout.

I love that our children see half an animal on the cutting table there and are just excited about the tasty meat. Even Amira, perhaps especially Amira, is not fazed a bit at the butchers cutting up the animal into steaks, roasts and chops. She is probably the most excited about all the good things we can eat from them.

In order to ensure that none of our children became vegetarians, we did a few things (aside from serving bacon regularly). One was that we always talked about how and where we got our meat. That it came from animals, that they had to be killed and that it was our preference and God's command that they be killed as quickly and painlessly as possible. Also, I shared with them the stories of the times I had witnessed a slaughter. The big thing, though, was that when we watched Babe with them, I made sure to sit through it all and tell them all the foods that came from each animal as it entered the story.

When our children go to petting zoos or the baby animal section of the fair, while other children are saying how cute they are, ours are discussing dinner options. We are so proud!

In other grocery news, we went back to the Grocery Outlet a couple weeks ago, and they still had the seeded watermelons. This time they were $2.99. We're going to look for them again this week.

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