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Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Grilled Pizza

Talked to Rich about how he grills the pizzas and he says you need to make a cool spot and a hot spot on the grill. With gas, you set one burner on low and the other on high (although he says medium is enough on some). If you can't do that, you can jury rig it by tenting one set of burners with foil to cover the flames. On a charcoal grill, you just put the hot coals on one side and fewer on the other side.

You grill the rolled out dough on high for a couple/few minutes, then flip it and move to the lower heat side. Put your sauce and toppings on quickly and grill for another three to five minutes, with the cover on. Check the bottom of the pizza to make sure it doesn't burn, and take the pizza off when the toppings are melted and warm.

Here is another method of grilling pizzas that looks interesting.

We may get a chance to try out both our method and this other one soon. Our children's godfather might be here with his son this month to help us with some projects on our house. I've promised them that there will be grilled pizzas for them if they arrive.

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