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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Three Songs I Despise and Their Improvements

We introduced our priest's family to Bill Bailey on YouTube, and they showed us the first of these three clips. I absolutely hate all of the songs these are spoofing, so aside from finding these funny anyway, I found them to be better examples than what they were parodying.

The first one was sent to our priest's wife from another priest's wife. I will say right now that our priest has never used a funny wife story at the expense of his wife. He will use family anecdotes sometimes, but never when it exposes one of his family to ridicule, unless perhaps himself.

Their oldest daughter pulled this one up for us.

This one we just found by looking at Tim Hawkins other videos. He is quite funny, in my opinion, and these are only a couple examples. I'll post a few more, but you can just search on Tim Hawkins, then go back to the top of this post and seek out Bill Bailey's musical humor.


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