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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Yasmina

I took this picture yesteray, and then played with the effects on it a little bit. I thought this turned out to be a kind of nice "painting" of her.

This is the photo without any editing or tomfoolery.

Amira wore this dress when she was a baby. For the last two months, Amira has been bringing clothes and shoes down from her closet that didn't fit her and telling me that they were for Yasmina now. She had a bunny towel that our priest's family gave us at Amira's baby shower and she loves it. Well just a few days before Yasmina was born, Amira told me she wanted to give it to Yasmina and that she'd need a birthday bag for it. The day after I returned from the hospital she got her grandmother to help her package the towel and brought it down for Yasmina to open. It was very sweet.

Jerome has been exceedingly gentle with the baby girl. We were a little concerned, because he plays so rough sometimes, but he touches her head softly and brushes her hands carefully with his. He sits next to her in the car, and if she cries, he offers her his wubbie or hat or blanket to try to comfort her. He's even doing alright about being gentle on mama's tummy.

Elijah seems to be feeling it the hardest right now, so I need to find some time when I can just be with him and listen to his stories and have him feel like my time is his. The older two boys know that they need to help as much as they can around the house, and they have done it with minimal complaint. They understand that this is just part of how they can help me and their baby sister, so they're doing it.

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