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Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: July 14

We're settling in with Yasmina very nicely. She is a sweet tempered baby and nurses and sleeps well. I will post some more pictures as soon as I can, and give a little summary of the surgery, without getting too gory. We are so happy with the doctor who did my c-section and wish we had used her last time instead of dealing with all that we did.

Rich is doing most of the cooking this week and a couple of friends are bringing meals also. We have several meals in the freezer, but we're trying to save those until Rich is back at work and Lisa isn't here and we have nobody bringing meals, so I can ease into things, by heating stuff up and maybe making a side dish or two before I go back to full time cooking on my feet.

I'll update this plan as I get more information from Rich (who is sleeping with Yasmina right now, since he was up until nearly 5:00 a.m. dealing with things at home while I nursed and slept) and from the people bringing meals. I'm also inspired by the nourishing, frugal carnival to post some more meal ideas and recipes. I already have two ideas for the side dish edition this Friday.

What is on your menu this week?

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