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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I have been trying to space my posts better, but I had to share this.

I've been craving two things for the last four months, or rather they are the two things I've been craving that I still haven't had. Creme brulee and lumpia. Not together. As an aside, for all the jokes about pregnant women and weird cravings like pickles and ice cream, I had never heard of anyone eating those in the same sitting until the other day when Rich had dill pickles, then vanilla ice cream, then returned to the pickles. He's working hard on sharing the pregnancy with me.

Anyway, I am still wanting those two things. When people ask what they can bring us at the hospital, I always give take out orders, fish and chips from our favorite place, gyros, steak sandwiches, Chinese food, Teriyaki. Our priest and his wife are already prepared to take orders from us next Tuesday, they told us to just let them know what I was feeling like most then. Between the nasty hospital food and the fact that there will be room in my stomach and no more heartburn, I start eating again after I have babies, not during pregnancy. I'm still not sure how any of my children received nutrition in utero, since I spend the first trimester vomiting and the rest of the pregnancy with terrible heartburn and no appetite.

So, what I actually wanted to share with you was not vomiting stories. I found out that someone has made a recipe for creme brulee in the crock pot! I don't know if it is as good as making it in the traditional way, but I'm thinking this is something I can try before we head into the hospital. Rich is still sad we don't own a little kitchen torch for jobs like this. If anyone wants to get him a belated Father's Day or birthday present. It makes a large quantity, and the children will eat it regardless, but if it is good, I'm bringing a whole lot with us to the hospital in our cooler. Along with the baklava ice cream from our local fancy pants market. And possibly I will call in an order to the local Philipino restaurant so they'll have the lumpia ready to pick up five hours after the surgery. We will have some sparkling something or other for Rich to toast the new baby and some champagne for me (sadly our source for sparkling syrah no longer carries it), and we'll eat the baklava ice cream as our first meal.

These are the important things I'm thinking about packing with us to the hospital: electronic devices and our cooler. I won't need much in the way of clothes, just some bed clothes and what I wear in, I'll need some toiletries and we will bring some books with us. Our daughter will have some extra clothes, and Rich will take care of himself, but really, what else do we need? A well stocked cooler, our cell phones, camera and my iPod. Clearly.

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