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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Product Endorsement

I should be getting paid for this. I've been eyeing Moby Wraps since just before I had Yasmina. Since I buy just about everything we get for the children on steep discount or consignment, I was expecting to pay about $25 for it, and I had a little sticker shock when I saw the price. However, then I started pricing other wraps and slings and realized they cost a lot more, and I still liked the Moby best.

So, I looked on Craigslist and all sorts of other places trying to find one used or less expensive. No go. Today, I did a little research and found that Puget Sound Natural Parenting sold them, less expensively than the chi-chi children's shop in town, and she ate the sales tax. Not only that, but she was heading our direction anyway, and met me in the parking lot of the grocery store, where I was going anyway to run errands. So, I bought this one:

from her, and immediately put Yasmina in it to walk through the store. It worked as advertised, was comfortable, and I was even able to nurse her pretty discreetly. She fell asleep, and I was able to zip through the store, get what I need and head back home.

SInce I love red, I am thinking of picking up one of these later as well.

This winter, the blue on blue fleece and cotton might also make an appearance in our home. That's how happy I am with this.

I like that it works for children up to 35 pounds, that it doesn't have clips that will break, is fine for nursing and is comfortable to wear. If you are in the market for a wrap/sling, I would definitely recommend this.

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I am told that they are very easy to make, also. I had a hug-a-bub, which is just another brand of the same type of wrap with DS and absolutely loved it. Heck, so did he.

I don't think I ever extended my congratulations on your new addition! Welcome Yasmina!
I loved my moby! (I got a red one for free, as a hand-me-down from a friend.) It worked really well until Helen started getting bit and squirmy.
I love, love, LOVE my moby. Is there a price difference for the Fleece one, do you know? Because one of those for fall and winter would be awesome.
Thank you for the congratulations, Jennifer. We are so happy to have her.


There is a price difference on the fleece one. It is a Moby D. However, The Green Kangaroo had it a little cheaper than other places. There are about three different color choices with the fleece center. It also looks like there are at least a few places in VT that carry them, so you may be able to find them closer to you.
Oh, and I forgot to say that I thought it would probably be easy to make one, but since my sewing skills are just advanced beginner, I was a little concerned about doing it on my own. I may try to make one in the cotton t-shirt material to practice, and buy the fleece centered one.
I guess this is east meets west. I got one when my 1st was born from friends who had it carted all the way back from Israel. They were/are the latest thing here. I have never figured out how to get the hang of it and for all my kids have stuck with the good old fashion "snuggies" or whatever they are called. My husband had some better luck with it, but apparently I am just not coordinated enough to figure out 6 feet of material. It is just surprising to see them in America after all this time. Glad it is working for you and congratulations on the newest addition. Do you want me to check prices here and see if they are cheaper? I doubt there are fleece ones, but certainly a lot of other materials, etc.
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