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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photos at Last!

We got my new computer on Friday. It came with a free iPod Touch, so I'm speeding into the 21st century. I can post photos again, and I will start with the things I've finished over the last couple months.

Here is the Four Corners dishcloth.

A couple crocheted sponges made of leftover cotton yarn.

Amira's pink ballet leggings.

Her bun warmer, in her hair.

Another crocheted sponge.

Finally, a tiny diagonal dishcloth knit with the leftover blue cotton yarn.

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All of it is lovely!

How do you make crochet sponges? How well do they work?
I used this pattern to make the sponges.

They work remarkably well. After thinking about how much energy and effort I have to spend to keep the foam sponges from harboring and breeding bacteria, and reading about how much easier and better it is to use cotton cloths (you can either knit onto/off of or crochet around those plastic scrubbies if you need a bit more oomph or you can slip your cotton dishcloth into a plastic mesh bag and use that for extra scrubbing), I decided to just go ahead and make a bunch. Knit or crocheted, it doesn't seem that one works better than the other, but the crocheted sponges being thicker do work especially well.

I've been using scraps and leftovers, but I also just have a whole bunch of kitchen cotton because I always think that I'm going to use it and don't. Crocheting it is easier on my hands than knitting it, so I do tend to look for crocheted patterns for dishcloths/sponges. There are several other patterns I want to try; I'll post the links if I get a chance.
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