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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

Rich gets to do something very exciting today. For the cost of a return flight (which will be under $100, or even free, because a friend of his was flying east anyway and is returning home), Rich gets to fly in a surviving WWII B-24. He is the only passenger, it's just the crew, and he gets to go for free. They offered him the very slight chance yesterday, and only late yesterday afternoon did he get the go ahead to do it. Normally, this costs over $2000. He should be home by dinner time, and have this experience which few people can say they've ever even had a chance to do.

I'm really glad he gets to go, and that it came up before we had the baby so he could go. We don't do a whole lot for his birthday anymore, so this kind of a very nice belated treat for him. We are praying for a safe trip for all of them and a quick return tonight, with no delays.

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