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Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: June 30

This week's Menu Plan Monday is being hosted by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, in case you are confused by the button taking you somewhere different.

I am eight days out from baby day. This is the final week I can prepare, and I have an urgent need to get things made. So, I will be doubling up on a couple more meals this week, to put in the freezer, and making more cereal, yogurt, things like that to get ready for my in-laws coming and taking care of the children while we are in the hospital. Please be praying for us during the surgery, as I've come home from each of the c-sections with an infection contracted in the hospital, and my only real fear is that I will need blood and they make it such a big deal to take blood from my own husband who is the same blood type and, let's face it, has already been passing whatever germs he may have to me anyway. I've never needed blood before and I have no reason to think I will this time, it's just the fear that is at the back of my mind as I prepare for surgery.

We have been enjoying the grilling weather we've had lately. Yesterday, one of our local markets, which has exquisite produce and meats, as well as providing lots of foods and wines you won't find other places, had their anniversary event. Aside from providing us lunch by giving grilled bratwurst and bottled water out to everyone who wanted them, we got some great deals and brought them home. We picked up some green garlic, a flat of fresh picked local strawberries, bratwurst, sauerkraut, skirt steak, an organic baguette and a tasty melon that they were sampling. The prize, though, was prime grade top sirloin steaks at a freakishly low price of $5 a pound. I won't tell you just how much I bought. Rich sprinkled them with good salt and freshly ground pepper tonight and grilled them to perfection. He's improved his grilling skills quite a bit, and can now provide us with medium to medium rare relatively easily. So we ate the steak, melon and strawberries for dinner. We had a snack tray of marinated mozzarella, the baguette, cornichons and olives beforehand. We will likely be grilling more this week.

The children's godparents will be arriving on the 4th with their son, so we should have a fun weekend. We still have no real plans for Independence Day, so we may just have an outdoor dinner and watch the fireworks from our yard.

I will provide any recipes on request, as usual.

What is on your menu this week?

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Wow...$5/lb for top sirloin? That's awesome. We haven't had steak in a long time because it's so expensive. Looks like a yummy week. Good luck stocking up and good luck with your delivery.
We're actually fortunate, and have a great local butcher and can usually get steak at a decent price, but it is so rare to get prime meat at all, let alone for under $20 a pound, which we most definitely can't afford. I still tend to buy things like chuck steak, flank steak and skirt steak, because I can make them go farther as a meal. This was such a nice treat, though, and we enjoyed it a lot!
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