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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maybe Alec Baldwin, Too?

So, the first Hollywood celebrity has come out saying that she will leave the country if John McCain wins. Presumably, Susan Sarandon will take Tim Robbins with her as well.

If only these people would actually act on their promises. I think half the reason that Bush won the last election is because people thought that by voting for him they might have a chance to get rid of Alec Baldwin and the others who all swore they'd defect. Oddly enough, only Robert Altman (I think that's his name) actually went. Yet another campaign promise broken. Maybe they found out how much taxes are in the other countries they were considering and were advised against it by their financial advisors.

Since I don't particularly care for any of our candidates, most of the people I liked were knocked off early in the game (you know, about six years ago), voting for someone to get rid of pompous celebrities seems like as good a reason as any. I think McCain should make it part of his campaign: Vote for me and get rid of Hollywood whiners.


This may be an incredibly good reason to vote for McCain! Of course, my ex may move out of the country,too, so that would be a second good reason. Let's see if any of them get to keep their promise to move.
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