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Monday, June 30, 2008

Continuing to Catch Up

This post is going to be heavy on photos. I was going to do several different posts chronicling the events of the last three and a half months, but I decided to just give you a pictorial here.

February 26:

Amira and Elijah are probably the most affectionate of our children, but they are also the two who are most often at each other's throats. They are most alike in personality, and I think between that and the fact that they are of the opposite sex, they are more likely to have strife. This photos is one of them at their best. In a way, it is a relief that they don't get along and cooperate all the time. I cannot imagine the chaos in our home that would ensue if they figured out that they could work together to get all that they want done.


Even though the weather wasn't that great on Easter, it was just dry enough that the children were still able to do their egg hunt. I was hoping we had gotten a photo of all the boys in their dress clothes and ties, but evidently we did not. There are a few shots of them hunting for eggs, but this one of Amira is really one of the best.

NW Catholic Home Education Conference

Alexander is sitting with Jerome here during our picnic lunch at the conference. They played remarkably well, and enjoyed shopping the vendors as well. Dominic bought something which he was able to repay me for quickly (they didn't bring their money with them), Alexander joined the vast majority of Americans and went into debt to get his toy. He still needs to work off nearly $6.00 to pay me back for what he bought. We figure a Saturday morning of weeding ought to cover at least $5 of that.

Our Ballerina

These were taken just after I had finished Amira's bun and leg warmers. I couldn't decide which was a better picture of her.

One of my Mother's Day Cakes

We actually have a second cake (chocolate) in the freezer still. The supermarket we shop at had a deal where you bought a $4 cake, and the children could decorate with frosting, picks, rings, sprinkles, etc. They had no idea our children were coming to use six extra pounds of frosting and five pounds of sprinkles. The cakes were quite, um, festive.

All of these were buried in the frosting and sprinkles. You could not actually see them until you unearthed them from the top of the cake. There were seven on the cake.

Miniature Horses

Our neighbors down the hill raise and keep miniature horses. They offered to let our children visit them anytime they wanted. We finally took them up on it and aside from looking at the different horses, feeding them carrots, learning a little about them and about showing, we also (all of us) got to ride in the cart, pulled by one of them. This cart held me and the lady driving at the same time.

Bird's Nest

You can see how often we use our jogging stroller here. It was in our car port. We kept seeing a little bird flying in and out, but we figured it was just stealing some of the grass seed from in there. Then we started hearing the peeping. She had built a nest in the back pocket of the jogging stroller. Rich snapped this shot to show the children the baby birds. They are out of the nest now, but a new set of eggs is in it. We may never reclaim our jogging stroller.

May 19:

Amira and Jerome in their rocking chair. This chair always ends up belonging to the toddler in the house, but we're at the point where it's kind of between them. This is a cause of conflict sometimes, with Jerome trying to push Amira out of the seat and saying "Get off, Meewa!" She is very generous with Jerome, though, and so she just rocks with him in the chair.

June 7:

Here are my guys in our town's festival parade. Amira was supposed to be in it with her dance studio, but they ended up not participating. This was actually okay with me, as it meant I didn't have to walk with her while pregnant and pushing a stroller. So, Elijah, Amira, Jerome, their grandparents and I sat on the sidelines watching the parade and collecting toys, candy, trinkets, canned salmon, balloons, coffee, and other goodies from our local government, organizations, schools and businesses while Rich walked with our two older boys and tossed chocolate to the admiring crowds.


that birds' nest is amazing!
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