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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Church Clothes

We dress up for church in our house. We see it as presenting yourself at your best while in the presence of the King. It is being respectful to the Church, but most importantly to God. Neither of us has any problem with people not coming in dressy clothes, and we don't make the boys wear suits, I rarely wear stockings, and Rich doesn't often wear a tie, but we wear nicer clothes, the boys have church clothes and shoes set aside for Sundays, Amira and I wear dresses or skirts and nicer tops and Rich wears dressier shirts and pants. Our three older boys actually seem to prefer wearing ties to church, so they wear them a bit more frequently than we'd make them (specific Holy days, weddings, etc), they certainly wear ties to church more than Rich does.

Well, this morning, as we were getting ready for church, we were out of time, so asked Alexander to help his sister find appropriate clothing for church. She came down in her Getting to Know You costume, complete with the tights, and her flower pin in her hand. Since we were already running late, and she was already dressed, and it certainly wasn't everyday play clothes, we decided to let her wear it. I even did her hair the way she wore it for the show, though I did not put any makeup on her. She then put on her church shoes and got into the car.

Since we were already late (nearly an hour, I told Rich that it appeared we were only coming for coffee hour, but we made it before confession!), our entrance made quite the stir, especially because of Amira's attire. Everyone thought she was beautiful of course, though her Asian style was from the wrong part of the continent for her heritage. She was quite hot, though, in 90 degree weather with a polyester, long sleeved, lined dress with tights and extra dance pants. When we got home, I made sure she changed out of her dress into play clothes, so she wouldn't burn up.

We did say that we wanted her to wear the outfit as much as she could this summer, but I'm hoping it won't be on her next Sunday.

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