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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amira's Debut

Here is the first picture from Amira's recital last Saturday. Her official photo will be ready sometime in July, they tell me.

Their dance number was from the King and I, Getting to Know You. Adorable.

I worked out how much it cost us to attend our own daughter's recital. Not counting the photo order, we spent on the costume, tickets, and babysitting (we took the boys to the dress rehearsal instead) about $130 to see our daughter dance for two minutes on stage. This only saved us about $6 over our taking the boys with us, but we didn't want to have to keep them in their seats watching two hours of other performers politely, so the babysitter was well worth it.

Fortunately, the costume has a little room, so she can dress up in it all summer, and possibly use it for a Halloween costume. This was Amira's first time wearing makeup, and she just couldn't have been more delighted. I did her makeup for the dress rehearsal, and she couldn't help herself from staring at her reflection the whole time. She just lit up with excitement. Her ballet teacher told us to use Got 2 B Hair Glue, which we did, to keep their buns up and the rest of their hair in place. That stuff is serious. We were warned not to brush their hair until we'd washed it out. It was such fun for Amira, and we were thrilled to see our pretty little girl dancing her heart out with her partner.


Very pretty. I love the flower in her hair.
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