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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Itty Bitty Knitty

I'm finally making something for our littlest girl! I have given up the second pair of leg warmers for now. I will return to them when my brain is working a little better.

So, yesterday, I started the Buttercup Sundress from Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies for our newest girl. Except, I am making it in a blue/purple colorway, with a blue skirt, so it is more like a delphinium sundress or a bluebell sundress. It combines my knitting with my newfound sewing skills, also, which is very nice. As far as I can tell from the directions, you don't actually sew the skirt closed, which I don't like, no reason for my daughter to have to wear a hospital gown, so I am sewing the skirt seam as I like. I am leaving the bodice open in the back, it is small and has a button closure at the top which will keep it from flopping open, but this whole diaper waving in the breeze thing does not sit well with me.

I'm using Berroco Cotton Twist for the bodice and some pretty blue eyelet I got on sale at the fabric store for the skirt. If I do this right, I can take her home from the hospital in this little dress with, perhaps, some frilly little socks or slippers and a lacy cap.

I have all of Amira's pillow cut out, but I've been too tired to use an iron and sewing machine at night, so I'm hoping that one of these weekends I'll get a chance to put it together and have something else finished around here. Also, that would mean that the fabric, pattern pieces and all the pins wouldn't be piled up on the corner dresser anymore.

Wish us luck finding the next computer. We missed out on a really great deal on a used one, and we're debating the merits of buying a brand spanking new one and picking up some extra software to go with it versus waiting around to see if we can get another deal on a used one. Either way, I will get DSL and be able to post photos again. In the past two months, our children have grown up quite a bit and gotten cuter and cuter, and you are missing it!

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