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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Finished Objects

I finished Amira's leg warmers on Sunday, and another crocheted cotton sponge yesterday. I started a bun warmer with the left over yarn from the leg warmers, but it looks like I will have to break into the second skein to finish it. I also started on a garter st dishcloth today.

The leg warmers will work fine, but when I make another pair I will use a size larger needles for the leg and just use the smaller needles for the ribbing. They are firm the way I like socks to be, but could be a little slouchier for leg warmers. I also thought I'd add a st pattern to the leg on the second pair.

I have taken pictures of all my projects, and as we are a little closer to getting the right computer for us, I may even have a chance to post those photos soon. Also, we think we have found the right mini-van, or at least we now have leads that we didn't have before. We found a 2006 eight seat Toyota Sienna with only 27,000 miles on it, all the original body panels with a roof rack and what is evidently bare bones car extras, but to us seem pretty cool as we've been driving 10 year old cars, for only $17,588. We're hoping to get him to knock the price down by $1500-2000 since we can just give him the money, and that would basically cover our taxes. We're going to take our mechanic to take a look at it with us. He also has another one that is a 2007, with 5,000 more miles on it, but with more extras, still has a roof rack and this one has a towing set up, for $18,588. If our mechanic okays either of these, and they are still available, we should have a new (to us) car by next weekend. If not, at least we have some options for finding what we need, which we didn't have before. Our other car option is the Honda Odyssey 2005 or later, since that's when they added an eight seater to the options.

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