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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Doubling Meals

Since I am getting a little closer to D-day for our newest baby, I am gearing up to do something I do occasionally anyway: Doubling meals to freeze half. I invest in good freezer bags and those reusable/disposable plastic casserole pans that can go in the oven. I also have some foil pie pans so we can freeze things like quiches and even pies.

When I am making something that will freeze well, that we like a great deal, I try to make twice as much as we will need. Then, I put half in the casserole dish or freezer bag or cook the dish in the disposable pan, cover well with plastic and foil, if necessary, and freeze for later use. This makes it much easier on us if we are too tired, our schedule is too hectic or someone is ill. We can pull something out from the freezer, knowing that it is still wholesome, and tasty, and have dinner in very little time.

When we are recovering from my c-section and dealing with a newborn and sleepless nights, this will definitely be a good thing. I tend to freeze things like chilis, stews, soups, casseroles like shepherd's pie and chicken divan, lasagnes, meatloaf, quiche. Foods with cream in them tend not to freeze all that well, but you can still have quite a variety of foods for those times when facing dinner is too much. Bread also freezes well, so if you make extra, you can stock the freezer with that. Most of these just require some reheating, which anyone can do.

Pull out a (well labeled) meal, a loaf of bread, and toss together a salad, and you have a good meal for your family that you don't have to cook. It will also save on your food bill, keeping you from expensive frozen or instant meals, or relying on restaurants or take out. This definitely works for me!

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